Zenit History

History of the company

                   In February 1942, by order of the People's Commissar of Armaments of the USSR No. 63, a decision was taken in the liberated squares of the Lenin plant evacuated to Novosibirsk from Krasnogorsk, to create a new enterprise - the State Union Optical Plant No. 393, and later it was renamed into the Krasnogorsky zavod PJSC.

             At the same time, its specialization was defined - the development and production of aerial photography and sighting devices, as well as photo, film and scientific equipment. In 1944, the first photographic camera was produced by the plant. It was a specialized photo sniper FS-2.

In 1946 the trademark of the enterprise was registered - the outline of the Dove’s prismatic solid refracting a ray of light. In the same year the camera "Moscow-1" was released, which was intended for the consumer’s market.

In 1948, the Central Design Bureau (CDB) was established at the enterprise. By May 1, 1948, the first 50 units of a small-scale camera were issued, which in 1949 received the name "Zorky" and became one of the symbols of the city of Krasnogorsk.

In 1957, the AFA-39 camera was the first in the world to survey the surface of the Earth from a height of 200 km. And as late as in 1959 the far side of the Moon was photographed for the first time in the world practice. The photographic equipment AFA-E1, created by the plant, was installed on the interplanetary automatic station.

            On April 12, 1961, the launch of the Vostok spaceship with Yuri Gagarin carried out on board was taken with the help of the KT-50 movie transit-theodolite developed by the plant.

            In 1964 the enterprise was the first in the country to produce series camera "Zorky-10" and "Zorky-11".

             In 1972, a new trademark of the enterprise was registered, which is the plant's logo up to this day.

            In 2012, the enterprise resumed the production of lenses MC "Mir-20M", "Helios 40-2" and MC APO.

             In addition, PJSC KMZ has won a tender and concluded a state contract with “Roskosmos” (The Russian Federal Space Agency) for work on the development of a technology for manufacturing lightweight primary mirrors for advanced large-scale space telescopes of ultrahigh resolution for remote sensing of the Earth.

Krasnogorsky zavod today

                   Krasnogorksy zavod PJSC is one of the leading enterprises in Russia in the field of optical and optoelectronic instrumentation, possessing a unique long-term experience and providing development, testing and serial production of devices and systems for various applications for decades.

             During the existence of the enterprise, a number of tasks of national importance have been solved, products that have no analogues not only in the country, but also in the world have been produced.

             In addition, PJSC KMZ performs carries out events for warranty repair and author's supervision of the state of manufactured products.

             The high level of quality of the products produced by the enterprise is confirmed by certificates of compliance with the standards of GOST (all-Union State Standard)ISO 9001: 2011 (IQnet), GOST (all-Union State Standard) RW 0015-002-2012, GOST(all-Union State Standard) ISO 9001: 2011, and by numerous awards.

             Currently the company carries out technical re-equipment and modernization of production, purchases new technological equipment for optimization of the work process and improving of the quality of its products, and introduces new technologies and develops promising products for scientific research, industry, construction, healthcare, photographic equipment, recreation and tourism.



Evolution of the Zenit KMZ Logo over time from 1942 to Present

Early Logo was called a Dove's prism.

The original, since 1942, the plant's mark (the full mark included the image of a hammer and sickle with a five-pointed star - above the Dove  2 prism ) ).
Lenses produced for completing cameras of other enterprises (manufactured by the Arsenal plant) could only be marked with the factory brand : ZORKY 


Registered as a Trademark in 1946 and put in use in 1949 the Dove prism had a light ray path added.


The light ray path through the prism was graphically simplified and made more prominent.


Current Logo with Text


How the type font changed over time from a 'cut font' to a latin font