Dandelion Chips tested - working well - now available Free - please read for details

My Dandelion chips have arrived from Russia and I've tested them on my Helios 40-2 and 85 f/1.4 Zenitar lenses and they work well!

I have about 20 pieces each for Nikon F and Canon EOS.  They are a bit tricky to install but once fitted they are great!  You can select the focus point on the camera and then focus the lens until the camera signals you have focus or even have the camera take the picture once focus is achieved at the spot you want. 

Originally I thought I would offer these for sale, and they are available on ebay from different sellers for about $20-30 each.   What I am doing instead is giving them away for free!   If you have bought a lens from my shop in the past or plan to buy one in Canon or Nikon mount, just e-mail me with your order # and I'll mail you out one of these cool focus confirmation chips. 

For installation, I will leave that up to you, however there are a number of videos on Youtube.  The maker of the chip included a small jig to help align the chip, however I found it didn't really give me the correct alignment so I just matched the position of the contacts on one of my other lenses.  I tried different glues and ended up using permanent 3M adhesive tape - it's moveable for the first few minutes which allows you to reposition if needed - and then hardens over the next days.  I can include a small piece of tape with your chip.